About Laura Goff Designs

Laura Goff Parham

I love working with stained glass! I create beautiful pieces in stained glass, painted glass, leaded glass, beveled glass, sandblasted glass, and laminated glass. These are some of my favorite pieces.

Contemporary stained glass
Stained glass peacock
Painted stained glass flowers
Leaded, beveled glass cabinet door
Koi sandblasted glass detail
Koi sandblasted glass
laminated stacked glass back splash

About me:

I always wanted to be an artist. My grandmother was the first person to spark my love of colored light - she would place jars of colored water around the house so they'd catch the sunlight, casting pretty patterns on the walls and floor. 


I earned my bachelor's degree in art history form the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, then went to Europe to immerse myself in art and architecture. It was there that I fell in love with stained glass and first realized it was my calling in life.  


Today, I still study stained glass constantly. if I see a church with beautiful stained glass windows, I will often ask if I can photograph them. I never duplicate the work I see, but I study them for inspiration in my own work.


I am fascinated by the way artists use cuts and colors to achieve depth, distance or contrast. I enjoy the challenge of working with glass and I am always thrilled with the beauty of the finished piece. 


Please call 865-310-7311 to discuss your project.