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Beveled Glass Repair

Yes, we can repair and restore beveled glass. These windows had been vandalized. We removed the it, beveled new pieces, then rebuilt them with lead came, then reinstalled them. 

The window has been disassembled, each piece was cleaned. On the left the blue tinted bevel is the new piece. Old glass tends to have a yellow tone whereas new glass has a coke bottle blue hue. We are rebuilding the beveled glass window with lead.

Old beveled glass were cut on thicker glass than new beveled glass. Old bevels use 3/8" thick glass. New beveled glass is made with 3/16" thick glass. The thicker glass results in a steeper angle on the bevel, which creates larger and more vibrant refractions.
The old beveled glass windows have been restored and are ready to go to a new home. These beveled glass windows cast fabulous rainbows! They have an engraved Fleur di Lis in the center oval. They are framed oak with an English chestnut stain, suitable for hanging. These photos show the sparkles and rainbows that this beveled glass window casts. Beautiful!
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