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Covid-19 Memorial at
University of Tennessee Medical Center Knoxville, Tennessee

We chose a Fibonacci spiral which represents balance and harmony. Attached to it are vertical wood slats which represents the charts of the pandemic, infection rates, transmissibility rates, hospitalization rates, and deaths.
On the left the wood is homogenous, and smooth. As the infection rates increases, the wood changes to different types and textures of wood. The finishes changes from smooth to distressed. At the peak, the wood is charred, shou sugi ban which represents burn out by medical professionals. After the peak, the wood returns to a more homogenous texture.
The images are hand painted stained glass, lit with LEDs. The twelve boxes show the first twelve months of the pandemic; unknown virus spreads and contact tracing; naming the virus; diagnosing the virus and how it is spread; donning and doffing personal protective equipment; treating the patient prone; scientists around the world working together to create a solution;
teamwork to treat the patient; creating the MNRA vaccine; handmade face masks, supporting medical professionals from the local community; a doctor fighting the virus, notice the virus has cast a shadow on her shoulders, as if the weight of the world is on her shoulders;

pandemic fatigue, grief from social isolation, missing friends, grief from the loss of loved ones, as if we were trapped in the virus; and finally hope inside the protective bubble of vaccination. It was a great honor to create this Covid-19 Memorial!

Woodwork by Chad Lange, Lange Customs, Knoxville TN

Ironwork by Kevin Johnson, The Iron Studio, Knoxville, TN

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