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Etched Glass / Sandblasted Glass

Etched glass is sandblasted glass. We can sandblast on tempered safety glass or annealed glass. Sandblasted glass provides privacy and beauty. In some cases we sandblast on colored glass. I enjoy sandblasting on the front and back to create more depth in the artistic design. We have even sandblasted on the front and back of two pieces of glass then had them made into an insulated glass unit. I enjoy creating!

The Koi Table - Modern homes have become trendy, and sophisticated and visually appealing. We create unique pieces that feature the home owners individual style. 
At Laura Goff Designs' award winning approach - we design beautiful landscape stained glass or etched glass windows. We incorporate the client’s individual appreciation for beauty, to re-create the lush landscapes for which East Tennessee is known.
Hand made in our Knoxville TN stained glass studio for exquisite homes throughout America.
Amazing glass design ignites a comfortable experience in the interior.
At Laura Goff Designs, we produce the highest quality stained glass for North America at our Knoxville Tennessee location. We enjoy the opportunity to manufacture a wide array of glass designs for small and large scale projects. Please visit the studio to learn more about this ancient craft.